We’re so close to the end of 2019 now, and WOW, what a year it’s been!

I really wanted to reflect on what a brilliant year it’s been and also find out what the team had learnt. So, I asked everyone in Team Ambleglow what they’d learnt throughout the year, there’s some really interesting bits in there – you may even learn a thing or two!

Here’s what they said…

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Sally, Client Services Director

“One word ‘LinkedIn’. I’ve done so much LinkedIn outreach this year and connected with all sorts of like-minded people within the education sector. As a result, my feed is now fascinating. Every day I learn something new thanks to a constant source of knowledge and expertise from across the globe.

My tip for the new year would be to set up a bit of time each week to network, as well as join and engage with relevant groups. Just don’t wade in with your sales hat on – you are there as a peer for the most part and no one wants a sales pitch when they haven’t asked for one!”

Nicola, Senior Account Manager

“While working on large scale, longer term schools marketing campaigns, I have really seen the value in using the online campaign management tool Asana. It is essential that when juggling multiple campaigns, I use my time as effectively as possible, and Asana has not only enabled me to easily manage campaign tasks, but has also facilitated a much more collaborative working ethic between myself, my team and my clients. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, who needs to action it and when. Asana has a great simple to use functionality too and allows me to be a lot more efficient, rather than spending my time scrolling through reams of email trails I can build upon the campaigns and the next steps.”

Lauren, Marketing Executive

“It’s been a whole year of learning for me, and I’ve loved every second of it. Everything from the basics of SEO to the importance of social listening. Plus, I’ve learnt how helpful a really intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be – I’d certainly been missing a trick there before.

I’ve also been introduced to the world of school marketing since joining Ambleglow in October and I’ve learnt so much on how school’s market themselves effectively as well as the different medias, tactics and methods they use.

It’s been an exciting year to say the least, especially the last 3 months, and I can’t wait to continue learning and developing next year.”

Sylvia, Senior Designer

“In 2019, I’ve learned how important it is to keep up-to-date with current issues affecting the education sector and, in term, adjusting our products and services to help our schools reach their goals, whether it be recruitment or pupil attraction. I’ve set up numerous Google Alerts to make sure I’m always update and learning.”

Bryony, Junior Designer

“I’ve learnt that trusting your own gut, believing in your work and putting yourself out there to experiment, push boundaries, and even fail is an important way to grow and do better creative work. Betting on yourself isn’t risk free, but trusting your instincts and being ready to deal with their outcomes is a much healthier way to work than just staying in the same place all the time.”

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Patrick, Account Executive

“For me this has been the year for Search Advertising, I still remember seeing Google for the first time – clean, uncluttered and efficient, compared to earlier web browsers that resembled a race car plastered in irrelevant advertising. Eventually, Google brought in its own paid promotion – the most prominent sponsored links to a search, still relevant for what you are looking for. Learning about keywords and constructing adverts in Google has been fascinating, effective campaigns requiring quite a bit of intuition and experimenting with approaches. Understanding the audience and responding to data are key to successful campaigns.

The education sector has greatly embraced modern marketing and communication as a part of their organisation, not just the big competitive independent schools but across both the private and state sectors. Schools and colleges are becoming much savvier for how they position themselves in the local community, engaged with parents and students online, clearer in their messaging, and professional in their branding. For attracting potential pupils and the best staff now, schools have to be in the public eye and build positive awareness long before people consider joining their school community.”

Mo, Account Executive

“2019 has been a year of learning for me… I’ve learnt about nitty-gritty of different outdoor medias, I got to grips with a brand new and very innovative CMS (Content Management System) and I also learnt the intricacies of advertising across the globe! Plus, I realised I can still wiggle both of my ears. Bring on 2020!”

Michelle, Account Executive

“I’ve learnt how to accurately manage client expectations. I’ve also learnt how best to handle these expectations and our clients by providing them with reasoning that’s backed up and suggestions on how to improve their adverts to get the best performance from them. This includes creating visually eye-catching digital artwork such as buttons on TVER and MPUs on The Guardian, these visually engaging additions to job listings help to drive additional traffic to hard-to-fill vacancies or help to reach passive audiences, and are a great way to improve your results from campaigns or job listings.

Plus, I’ve learnt how important a good old post-it note is!”

Kelly, Account Executive

“I have been an absolute information sponge over the last year, I’ve taken it all in and now found my stride! I’ve learnt my entire job in the last year and actually when I look back to January this year, I cannot believe how far I’ve come. I’ve become autonomous in my learning and am constantly seeking new experiences and challenges.

School Marketing has become a particularly interesting topic for myself, I have started to expand my knowledge in this field by seeking advice from the senior team here at Ambleglow and am looking at evolving the way schools think about marketing.

I love doing what I do and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Heres to next year!”

Zobia, Team Assistant

“Starting at Ambleglow has given me the chance to learn the basics of advertising, starting from what makes a visually appealing advert online and in print, to learning how to use WordPress to hold blogs for an internal project. WordPress is a user-friendly content management system which allows us to upload blogs and manage them effectively, whilst keeping them on brand and consistent with one another. WordPress also offers a range of plug-ins that allows me to add different features to different blogs to make them more interactive and captivating for readers. I can’t wait to continue learning and developing in 2020!”

Bex, Team Assistant

“Since joining Ambleglow this summer I’ve learnt a lot – from how to use InDesign for the first time to setting up and and running a Facebook PPC campaign and much, much more!

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how the advertising industry operates and how I can effectively manage my workload and various deadlines. Something that I’ve found very useful is learning the basics of what makes an advert good and worth reading. For example, placing a role’s salary at the top of an advert and including any perks of working there can help massively as this is what candidates want to see and can have an impact on whether they keep reading. Making sure that all information is set out in a clear manner that is easy to understand is imperative, as it can be the difference between a potential candidate reading the text and applying, or being put off by a big wall of text and clicking off the advert.”

Leanne, Research Executive

“Networking is such a powerful tool for finding future opportunities. Mainly because this is a more personal form of communication, networking can deepen a business connection and knowing more people can give greater access to the facilitates of sharing of information and making it easier to communicate with your industry peers.”

I’d love to know what you’ve learnt this year too. Let me know in the comments below or find the Ambleglow team on LinkedIn (I’ve linked them all above for you), we’d love to hear from you.

That’s it from us this year, we all look forward to seeing you all in the New Year with lots more helpful content!

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