I’ve lost count of school marketing managers who look for the Magic Bullet – that one piece of content that will go viral and prove to be hyper-successful.

I’m sorry to be the one that breaks it to you, but the Magic Bullet doesn’t exist.

School Marketing Managers who spend time looking for that one thing waste their resources and always end up frustrated and disappointed.

The truth is that there’s no one single pathway to success, but there is one SKILL that ALL successful people have. More on that in a bit.

Everybody is different and as such what resonates with one person will totally be missed by another. One approach couldn’t possibly fit all. And different tactics work differently for your school as your needs and requirements change.

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So, what should you do instead?

First off, give up the search for that one perfect solution, and get down to creating a plan of action that has at least several pieces to it.

Stop wasting your time wishing for what’s not out there and start working on a tangible, reasonable plan that will get you to where you want to go. Commit to taking action.

Back to the one skill that the world’s most successful people have in common. But can you guess what it is? Ask someone on the street what they believe the highest paid skill-set is and you’re bound to hear answers such as…

Selling, networking, negotiation, innovation, leadership, and more.

All of the above are important key skills. But none of these skills are valuable if you can only do them once or even now-and-then.

The difference between a footballer with a multi-million dollar contract and one who makes the league minimum is also a result of this one thing.


Consistency in your content creation results creates confidence in your reliability.

Sports men and women who can be consistently counted on to score a match-winning goal, make a catch or perform under pressure, time and again, reap the lion’s share of the rewards. The same holds true for you in your business.

Look no further than the biggest reason for the success of major franchises and companies such as McDonald’s and Starbucks. Do they have the best product on the market?

Not by a long shot. But their customers can rely on getting a ‘consistent experience’ every single time.

The market rewards consistency much more than quality.

If, however, you can combine both consistency and quality, then you can create an extremely successful content marketing plan.

The examples are endless, but you can see that it’s consistency that is rewarded more than any real skill.

So, how do you create consistency in your content marketing efforts?

We have compiled a list of 7 Steps to help you ensure that Consistency becomes a habit in your life and business…

1. Stop focusing on short term goals

Life is not a microwave. It’s a slow cooker. If you’ve tried a casserole from both, you’ll know which produces a better meal.

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2. Have a clearly written plan and refer to it everyday

If consistency is a priority, having a written plan with the most important activities will help.

You’ll create a plan for keeping you on track and focused on critical behaviours. The plan can be simple, but it serves as a reminder of what must be done to sustain consistent efforts which lead to consistent performance.

3. Create rules for yourself

Create rules to hold yourself accountable.

An example of a rule that can help keep you consistent are simple, such as… “I will focus on content creation for the first 90 minutes of each day.”

That’s a rule. And when it’s a rule, you’re more likely to follow it.

4. Commit to habits, not goals

The surest way to achieve your goals isn’t to chase them, but to create the right habits that automatically move you toward your goals almost effortlessly.

The best part about habits is that they don’t require willpower. They are automatic behaviours and either work for you or against you.

5. Track your progress

A famous Peter Drucker quote is “What gets measured, gets managed” and it is a principle we strongly believe in.

Even if you get off track and slip up, if you track your progress, it will remind you how far you’ve come and it will keep you going even when you feel like quitting.

6. Fall in love with the process, not the progress

As humans, we are wired for instant gratification and results and this can be difficult. But it’s easier when you celebrate small wins and take pride in the path you’re on, regardless of where it gets you.

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise was slow but consistent and ended up winning the race.

7. Remember, consistancy is a muscle and muscles need to be exercised

The most highly paid and in-demand skill in life isn’t something you can learn in a book or school.

It must be practiced and put into action “consistently.” It’s a never-ending pursuit with never-ending rewards.

Next time you’re stuck on what to do with your content and are feeling stagnant or you’re not achieving your goals, simply ask yourself where you’re failing to be consistent and how you can change course.

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