During this uncertain time, we’re all (probably) working from home so the servers and usual files we use everyday aren’t as easy to access. That’s why we want to talk about the many benefits Google Drive for working, sharing and collaborating on work with your team, all whilst working remotely.

Google Drive is a free data storage service, it offers you up to 15gb of storage that you can use to store important files, documents, pictures etc. It uses clever cloud technology, which means that your data is stored on one of Google’s servers so you can access it from anywhere in the world. 

At Ambleglow, we love Google Drive. It’s so handy during this time as we’re all working from home. There’s one great benefit right there, but there are plenty more, such as…

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Great for storing confidential files

Many companies have a central server where a lot of shared documents are stored, as well as employees using this as their ‘desktop’ – but sometimes this isn’t always ideal. Especially if you’ve got sensitive files such as staff reviews. 

Google Drive is the perfect alternative, especially as its password protected.

Perfect for sharing files with your colleagues 

Google Drive allows you to share all sorts of files with your colleagues in real-time. You can also choose what permissions you give them – edit, comment or view only.  

Brilliant if you’re on the go

Should you need to access any files while you’re away from your computer, you can download the Google Drive app to your smartphone. You can use this if you need to share or view a document on the go.

Plus, you can access your Google Drive from any computer, phone or tablet with your unique log in. Meaning it’s perfect for remote working.

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Easily searchable files

Google Drive has its very own built-in search engine, which allows you to search by file types, such as image, document or video, as well as by keyword. It also allows you to search by owner or document name.

Excellent for opening and editing various document types

Are you using a computer that doesn’t have the software you need to open a certain kind of file? Don’t fret – upload it to your Google Drive account and open it from there. Google Drive allows you to open anything from PDF files to spreadsheets and Word documents.

Google Drive is such a brilliant tool for you to use on the go, in the office and whilst we’re all currently working remotely. There’s no longer the need to lug around an external hard drive or to keep losing that pesky USB stick at the bottom of your bag!

Have you found any other excellent benefits whilst using Google Drive? Let us know below.

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