The TES has recently launched a new service called ‘Staff Pulse’ – a way of allowing the Senior Leadership Team of a school to ‘keep their finger on the pulse’ of staffs’ thoughts and feelings.

Workforce engagement is crucial to any successful organisation, great communication between staff and management has clear benefits for the running of any business or institution. It helps identify operational pitfalls and issues before they become and problem gives people throughout the organisation the ability to help improve their departments and most importantly helps staff feel valued and part of the decision-making process, a big help when it comes to retaining good staff.

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What is Staff Pulse?

The TES’ new service is separate to their recruitment offering, this is designed to help schools with the wellbeing and retention of their staff. Staff Pulse operates from the TES Portal, surveying staff throughout the school with randomised short sets of questions every week, the responses are anonymised, helping to ensure a higher response rate and honest feedback. These questions are based on key areas the TES has identified (with the help of a psychologist) that affect school staff in their roles and working environment – workload, support, communication and enjoyment, to name a few. This enables the school leadership team to gain a true picture of areas the school is performing well in and areas that can be improved, long before those dreaded inspections! It is possible to add your own questions too for matters affecting your school specifically.

Of course, the results and information provided by this service is just a tool to help the SLT make better decisions about the operation of the school. The results are weekly, so it’s possible to see trends in results and feedback change as initiatives and policy changes take effect. It is designed to build action plans from the results you receive and continue receiving results as those plans are implemented and run, it can also help you identify successes and celebrate what’s working. You’re able to share results with staff and help them to understand what steps you are taking to improve the school.

There is no one silver bullet to managing a school but as part of an overall staff engagement and wellbeing initiative – the benefits of getting this right are a great learning environment, happy teachers leading great lessons and ultimately children achieving better outcomes overall. With fewer graduates joining the teaching profession, the growing need for teaching staff, keeping the great teachers you have has never been so important.

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