Throughout this difficult time, it’s more important than ever that schools are continuing to communicate effectively with their students, parents and the wider school community. It’s a difficult time for everyone, especially the younger generation, so schools need to make sure they’re playing their part in ensuring students feel safe and heard.

That’s why I’ve decided to take a closer look at lots of different schools’ social media up and down the UK and have selected five examples. I chose these schools because their content really stood out to me. They’re not only offering the necessary COVID-19 updates but they’re making homeschooling fun, ensuring they make light of a tough situation and being creative in what they’re publishing.

And in no particular order…

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Hull Collegiate School

Hull Collegiate School is a school that’s doing a brilliant job on social media by sharing positive messages to their audience and making sure that their school community keeps spirits up.

I particularly love their #TricksterTuesday and #MotivationalMonday posts each week. And this one is by far my favourite, watch the full video here. It’s great to see the teaching staff getting involved in the social media efforts and asking students to join in and share photos/videos. Engagement at it’s best!

Hull Collegiate School

Their Science department has also been 3D printing face shields for local GPs and hospitals in Hull, it’s great to see so many schools doing what they can to support their local NHS heroes.

Can I just add how brilliant I think their Facebook header is! (Watch the full header here)

Hull Collegiate School

Explore Hull Collegiate School on social media for yourself:

Strathallan School

Strathallan School’s social media pages are always buzzing with vibrant photos and engaging videos, and it’s so nice to see! Their use of video throughout COVID-19, and before, is a brilliant way to continue sharing helpful and positive messages and this school does it beautifully. 

This has been one of my favourite posts the school has shared, it’s so simple yet the bright colours and happy message inspires positivity amongst their community.

Strathallan School

What I love about Strathallan School’s social media pages is the positivity. In a time like this it’s easy to get lost in the seriousness of it all, but I’m sure that the students and parents of this school feel heartened because of these messages.

Explore Strathallan School on social media for yourself:

Sedbergh School

I’ve loved seeing all the content that Sedbergh School has been putting out there since COVID-19 began. They’ve been incredibly creative with all their content and, more importantly, they’ve made sure that students and parents are continuing to be engaged and inspired.

From 360 videos of their school’s buildings to daily challenges for students and positive messages from the Headteacher, Sedbergh School has thought of everything. They’ve also been using a clever, bespoke hashtag, #SedberghAtHome, alongside everything they’re sharing. 

Sedbergh School has even changed the colour of their logo to blue to show their support for all the hard work the NHS is doing.

Sedbergh School

Explore Sedbergh School on social media for yourself:

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Norwich School

Norwich School has been keeping spirits up with a range of challenges for their students from TikTok dance challenges to Easter maths challenges and an Inter-House Bake-Off. They’re encouraging students to get involved and share their entries, a great way to increase engagement and support home learning.

Norwich School

This school also chose to turn their Annual Cup Run into a Virtual Cup Run. They set students the challenge of sending in photos of themselves running around their gardens, kitchens, local area or on the spot. A great way to make sure students are staying active and ensuring a yearly tradition continues.

Explore Norwich School on social media for yourself:

Surbiton High School

The stand out content I’ve seen on Surbiton High School’s social media has to be their ‘Get Active Around Great Britain’ fundraiser. They set the students and staff a challenge of cycling, walking or running the distance it would take to get around Great Britain, this is a total of 17,984km. 

Surbiton High School

As you can see they surpassed their goal and have raised a huge amount of money for their four charities. What a great way to fundraise, encourage school community spirit and stay active.

Surbiton High School has also been actively sharing encouraging messages, helpful tips on staying positive through this difficult time and the beautiful NHS rainbows that their students have created at home.

Explore Surbiton High School on social media for yourself:

Final thoughts

During this challenging time, it’s so difficult to know whether you should carry on as normal on social media or adjust your tone and what you’re posting. But it’s clear that you need to find that all-important balance, and that’s just what these five schools have done brilliantly.

I also want to mention all the great work you, as school marketers, are doing. You’re having to be more creative and strike the right balance when you’re deciding what content to create for your school’s social media platforms. The heart-warming and inspiring content I came across when going through social media accounts to choose this selection made me feel so uplifted, so I can only imagine how your school communities are feeling.

If you’re struggling with what to post on social media, have a look at our recent blog piece with plenty of ideas to get you started. We’ve even included a long list of helpful resources that you can share with your school’s parents and students to keep them busy at home.

Disclaimer: Ambleglow has no affiliation with any of these schools, we just really admire their efforts on social media.

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