You know as well as I do that your business needs to build a solid reputation and following on social media. However, building a reputation for all the wrong reasons is not the route to take, this could be anything from repeated bad service to reports of a bad product. 

This is why it is so important to track your brand’s social media platforms constantly and keep your eye out for anything that’s damaging to your business’ reputation. 

That’s where social listening comes in…

Social listening finds causes behind these conversations on social media and in turn, helps you implement strategy changes. By performing social listening, it gives you the insights and tools to create content your followers actually want, come up with new ideas based on what your audience is talking about as well as interact directly with your customers.

So, why should you start using it?

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Your audience loves it when you respond

Customers want to be heard on social media. Being responsive makes a difference.

Your audience wants you to respond. But, more so it’s about using social listening to structure responses that provide real value to them. The kinds of responses you want are those that will create loyalty and increase customer retention.

Keep track of your business’ growth

Schools are not likely to use a supplier that’s been in the limelight for a negative reason. It’s very easy to ignore any negative comments, but it becomes a problem if they start to outweigh the positive.

This is the best time to use social listening. 

You can look into what’s been said online, discover what the issue is, create a structured resolution and either, respond to the individual or begin to build your reputation back up.

Discover new opportunities for your business

Often, your customers will do the hard work for you. When many customers start complaining about the same problem, it’s something to take note of, and go with.

For example, you may see a Headteacher tweeting about not being able to find a PE provider that offers the ‘whole experience’. As a company that provides PE classes for schools, you could start to think about how you can improve on your offering and introduce new services, such as lesson reporting, after school clubs etc. that would create that ‘whole experience’ the Headteacher was talking about.

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Increase your customer base

Social media holds so many opportunities. By using social listening, you can discover the sort of content your audience enjoys by looking at their posts, what they’re sharing etc. You can then create relevant content that matches and will continue to draw them into your business.

What tools can I use for social listening?

There are so many social listening tools out there for you, so we’ve listed 8 of the most popular ones for you down below. In no particular order…

  1. Hootsuite – all platforms
  2. Keyhole – Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook only
  3. Awario – all platforms
  4. Buffer – all platforms
  5. TweetReach – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram only
  6. BuzzSumo – all platforms
  7. SproutSocial – all platforms
  8. Mention – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only

All of these tools are super easy to use and so handy. Plus, a lot of them offer a free trial so you can try a couple before you commit to one. 

Keeping a close eye on your business’ social media channels allows you to see growing and shifting trends from your audience and therefore cater your content for them.

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