As a school advertising on the TES, you will have access to a ‘School Profile Page’ (also referred to as the ‘School Career Site’) allowing you to showcase your school brand, current vacancies, profile and ethos.

Potential applicants can be influenced by a school’s culture as much as the job role that they’re interested in so it’s incredibly important for you to complete and update your page on TES to reflect that, and we can help!

Here are the key features of your page and what you can do to help boost visibility and showcase your school:

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The header of your page is a banner that appears at the top of your school’s profile page and is a bespoke piece of artwork designed by the TES (or Ambleglow!). The header is a good way to use visuals such as the school colours and imagery to make your page stand out from the rest.

The header will also automatically appear at the top of all gold-level adverts placed on the TES and if you’re advertising on a regular basis it will be seen by potential applicants frequently, so it’s worth thinking about what appears in it and when it was last updated.

School Summary

This part of your page is essentially an ‘about the school’ section that allows you to include text to talk about your school. It can be open and free-form but we suggest covering any or all of the following areas to keep it specific and relevant:

  • An introduction from your Headteacher
  • A summary of your values, vision and ethos
  • Recent exam results
  • CPD opportunities
  • Staff benefits
  • Ofsted report quotes
  • Upcoming events

Remember that this will be read by applicants so use this space wisely to explain why someone should want to come and work at your school.

Photo gallery

Your profile page allows you to include a gallery of photos, up to a maximum of 20, which appear in a carousel format that can be scrolled by applicants when viewing your page. Photography that shows the school environment, teaching areas or facilities, and which generally showcase the school in a positive light are therefore important.


Including testimonial quotes from parents, students and especially staff can make a real difference about how your school is perceived, so we recommend including these. Quotes from heads of departments and new staff will allow applicants to get a real understanding of the working life and to picture themselves being a part of your school.

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Recent or notable award wins can make you stand out from the competition so if have it, flaunt it! Your page can include school awards logos so if you have any you wish to include do let us know.


Video content is very popular as it allows you to create an informative and engaging experience – as a marketing tool, it is key to your school’s branding. Your profile page can include a link from either YouTube or Vimeo to embed a video, so any potential applicants can watch your video without even leaving the page.


The final feature of your page is the attachments section, allowing you to include any additional documents for applicants – once attached these will show on both your profile and any job adverts you have. Attachments can include any of the following:

  • School prospectus
  • Ethos and school values
  • Inspection Report
  • Letter from the Headteacher
  • Mission statement
  • Letter to applicants
  • Child protection policy
  • Message from the pupils

In summary, the more information you can give the better, and a completed up-to-date TES profile page is a simple and effective way to keep potential applicants informed and engaged.

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