When placing your advert on the TES, you might not be aware of the products that the TES has to offer through your TES Portal account. As a cloud-based platform which is accessible via tes.com, the Portal has many products and features that allow you to attract, train and empower your staff, all in one convenient place.

Here’s our ‘How To’ guide to outline how you can navigate the dashboard and utilise the tools available to improve your recruitment advertising.

Broken up into five easy tabs, the TES Portal is a great way to improve your advertising process, with each area serving a different need. The five sections sit under your homepage dashboard:

  • Recruitment
  • Insights
  • TES Magazine
  • Administration
  • Staff Pulse

But, where do you start?

TES Portal

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Designed in a way to help you manage every step of your recruitment process, this panel allows you to keep all of your job/candidate’s information in one place.

With your job posting process divided into the five sections below, managing, tracking and posting your roles has never been easier.

  1. Post Job
  2. Current Jobs
  3. Expired Jobs
  4. Drafts
  5. Statistics

Whilst placing jobs is fairly straightforward, there are two unknown things that people often miss…

TES Portal

The Statistics information available for all of your roles is a great way to see how your role has performed. These are broken down into four categories:

  1. How many times your advert was seen in search results.
  2. How many people viewed your listing
  3. How many people clicked ‘apply’.
  4. How many file downloads occurred.

Tracking how your adverts perform is a great way to identify room to improve your adverts, identifying which adverts worked and which ones didn’t through which ones received the most views, apply clicks etc. Information about the top locations that people are viewing your job from and the main distances away of those viewing your job is also available, highlighting where your potential candidates are coming from!

TES Portal

If you’re a fan of using the TES application form or have uploaded one of your own, the TES Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is also available to you through the portal. This is a free simple-to-use online tool that helps you to manage your applicants and act quickly to secure those which shine above the rest. This system allows you to create shortlists of potential candidates, respond individually to those who are successful/unsuccessful, share and review applications with other staff members involved in the recruitment process and download and print your applications – keeping everything together in one convenient place.

TES Portal

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Statistics for each individual role may be under Recruitment, but what if you wanted to track your advert performance and compare this to other schools too? This is where the Insights dashboard comes in handy, helping you to understand how your recruitment activity compares with a range of benchmark groups, identifying opportunities to improve your overall job performance. Here you can compare your advertising performance to those placed across schools in England, even against your local authority and nearest – giving you a clear picture of how your advertising is performing in comparison to the competition.

TES Portal

These insights also offer an ‘Advert Performance Funnel’ which is designed to help you understand how well your job adverts are performing from the point they are very first seen on TES. This lists your overall value and conversation rate of impressions, job views, apply interest and applications against your chosen benchmark, seeing which areas you could be improving in. If your impressions are low, try looking at the search categories that you’ve selected for this role, or consider taking out an additional product like an email alert to boost traffic to your role.

TES Portal


Along with your TES Portal account, you also get access to your School’s Careers Page, which is a central place for candidates to go and find more information about your School – want to find out more about how to update this and sell your school? Check out Mo’s blog on making your TES profile stand out.

TES Magazine 

If you have a subscription with the TES, you also gain access to the TES Magazine through your School Portal, allowing you access to all the articles that are featured in past and present editions. This features all articles printed that could be of interest to a range of your staff, from the Senior Leadership Team to the HR Department – they even have it in a downloadable podcast form so you can listen on the go!

TES Portal

Staff Pulse

One of newest additions to the TES Portal is their Staff Pulse feature – which is a staff survey tool that helps you keep on top of school improvement and helps to gather feedback to help build an action plan to improve staff wellbeing, school performance and retention. For more information about Staff Pulse, check out Patrick’s blog piece on the benefits of using this tool here.

Now you can focus on getting the most out of your roles, and take full advantage of everything the TES Portal has to offer!

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