It’s difficult to know whether your school should continue as normal or whether you should be adjusting your tone and your school social media posts slightly.

Our advice would be to find that all-important balance. Continue sharing your school’s usual content and updates, if they’re still relevant of course, but also post to keep up to date with what’s happening in the country.

Social Media Ideas for Schools

Here are a couple of social media ideas your school can use to ensure you’re communicating everything you need to be, as well as making sure your engagement doesn’t drop off.

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Updates on the current situation 

Make sure your school is sharing regular updates on what is happening with the school during this challenging time for parents, staff and students.

How often should we post about this?

Everytime you need to share a new update, try not to oversaturate your school social media with COVID-19 updates.

Home learning experiences and tips 

Share links to helpful resources and ideas, and ask parents to share how they’re keeping their children engaged. You could even start a bespoke hashtag for your school so that parents can share ideas and get tips from one another. It’s a great way to upkeep virtual communication with your school’s community.

Click here for a whole list of great resources you can share with your school’s community.

How often should we post about this?

I would suggest posting either an experience or a top tip once a day. Keep your community up to date on how they can help their children’s learning journey continue.

Inspirational and positive quotes 

It’s important to keep morale up during this difficult time. You can do this by sharing some motivating quotes for your whole school community. 

How often should we post about this?

Share something positive on your school social media channels everyday!

Admissions information 

Advise your school’s prospects that their applications to your school are still being processed as normal, and everything is business as usual for September starts.

How often should we post about this?

Don’t post about this too often, I would say once a week is enough.

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Ask questions 

Continue building engagement on your school’s social media platforms by asking your audience questions. You could ask them questions such as:

  • What are you missing about school?
  • How are you keeping active at home?
  • What are you enjoying about learning from home?
  • How are you keeping in contact with your friends?
  • What’s been your favourite home learning activity so far?

How often should we post about this?

Ask a new question every day, we’ve given you a headstart on some questions above.

Share some helpful PE replacements

It’s so important that children are still remaining active whilst they’re at home as they’ll be missing out on vital exercise from their PE lessons. There’s lots of child-friendly home workouts on YouTube that your students can follow with their parents and/or siblings in the safety of their own home.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is also hosting #PEwithJOE every weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel. Share this with your school’s community on social media, and ask them how it went afterwards.

How often should we post about this?

It’s advised that children should have 2 hours of PE a week, so I would suggest posting about this twice a week minimum. 

If you want your community to get involved with #PEwithJOE, you can share a reminder and a link to this every morning before it starts.

National holidays

Make sure you’re still sharing content on our National Holidays such as Easter, The Queen’s birthday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

How often should we post about this?

When relevant.

Just remember, that your school’s social media accounts are there to help your school’s community. You need to remain as informative as you can whilst trying to share helpful ideas for home learning and boosting morale, as some parents and students are going to find this period quite challenging.

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