A critical part of getting brand new enquiries and admissions for your school is powerful and effective marketing. But as well as this you need to be keeping up with the trends and making sure your school isn’t being left behind without of date approaches.

That’s why we’re going to layout the top education marketing trends in this blog piece so that you can ensure you’re using the most up to date approaches in your school’s marketing strategy.

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#1 Video

We all know how effective video is for any business. But for schools, it’s got that extra special touch. Imagine you’re looking at schools for your child, school A has a few out of date photos on the homepage of their website but school B has a full-screen school film on their homepage showcasing happy students, engaging teachers and incredible facilities. Which school website would you be more inclined to explore further?

Video marketing is such a big buzz at the moment, that’s why incorporating video into your marketing strategy is no longer optional.

We recently published a blog piece sharing four really valuable tips on how to get the most out of your school’s video content, you can click here to read, but just to summarise, our top video tips are:

  1. Tell a story, don’t try to sell – instead of selling to your school community, you need to tell them a story.
  2. Make sure your video grabs your viewer’s attention straight away – 20% of viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. And that’s why you need to get right to the point and manage expectations from the outset.
  3. Make it easy to follow – if a video is too formal, serious, wordy or long, your viewers probably won’t make their way through the entire video.
  4. Make sure your video is found – you need to ensure that your video can be seen and is searchable, wherever you publish it. 

#2 Virtual open days 

As we’ve seen this year with COVID-19, sometimes things happen where “in-person” events aren’t possible, when you’re a school this can be a problem when it comes to open days. But, at Ambleglow, we’ve seen so many schools taking this in their stride and conducted virtual open days instead!

Virtual open days can be just as effective as traditional open days if they’re done well. They’re the future of school marketing.

Knowing that school’s can get the same results in the virtual world where costs are low and flexibility is high, is going to be huge. We wouldn’t be surprised if “in-person” open days were a thing of the past in the next few years.

Find out how your school can host a successful virtual open day for your school by watching our free webinar.

#3 Memorable experiences

Nothing speaks to your audience like sharing real experiences. Prospective families want experiences that make them feel something, they want to feel like they’re already part of your school community.

For example, a video about your school’s forest school should make potential students feel excited. Meanwhile, the same video should make current and past students feel proud and fortunate to be a part of the community.

Experiential marketing resonates with people and makes them want to have the same experience. It also makes them want to share this with other families.

Experiential marketing allows you to offer insight into your school that people who’ve never visited the school want to make a decision about whether they want to enquire or send their child there.

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#4 360 virtual tours

Just like the hugely successful virtual open day we spoke about earlier in this piece, 360 tours should also be something every school marketer should include in their school’s marketing strategy going forward.

360 virtual tours provide a 24/7 virtual open day for your school. 

By giving prospective families the opportunity to explore your school without even leaving their house and at any time, you’re offering them ultimate flexibility. Something which many families these days would appreciate and find very helpful. 

On the other hand, 360 virtual tours provide an unrivalled point of reference for prospective families who attended your “in-person” open day to reflect and, essentially, revisit your facilities to confirm you are the right school for their child.

Universities have been successfully offering 360 virtual tours for years now. So why can’t your school do this too?

#5 Replacing your school’s printed prospectuses with a digital version

Your school’s prospectus is a key part of your marketing, it needs to tell prospective families everything they need to know as well as showcasing your school with the very best photographs. But have you considered moving from a printed prospectus to a digital one?

There are pros and cons for both, so let’s take a look at them…

Pros of a digital prospectus

  • Highly accessible, as long as your prospective families have access to the internet, your prospectus can be accessed anywhere.
  • No printing costs.
  • Keep it up to date 100% of the time, it’s more cost-effective to change and update regularly.

Cons of a digital prospectus

  • Nothing to hand out to prospective families at your events.

Pros of a printed prospectus

  • Make an impressive first impression, the look and feel of a high-quality prospectus is one of the first things a parent will notice.
  • People love having something to hold and interact with.

Cons of a printed prospectus

  • Once it’s printed any changes will mean an expensive reprint.
  • Once you’ve decided the content and number of pages, that’s what you’ve got to work with whereas digital documents can be bigger and added to as needed.
  • Higher costs for production and distribution.

So what is the right approach? Ideally, you’d have both, something to hand out at events such as open days but also a digital prospectus on your website so prospective families can access it 24/7.

Final thoughts

Keeping up with the latest trends in education marketing is key to ensuring your school is leading the way in marketing and making sure your school’s admissions pipeline remains buoyant at all times.

If you’d like to chat with one of our experts about upping your school’s marketing game, just book a free discovery call at a time to suit you.

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