We all know what it’s like to spend hours job hunting online, reading about an ‘excellent opportunity for a dynamic individual’ for the tenth time on a Wednesday afternoon, hopelessly trying not to nod off.

An uninviting job advert can deter quality candidates, so we’ve listed our top 5 copywriting necessities to help overcome your recruitment hurdles.

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What sets you apart from the rest?

Let’s face it, most schools are struggling to recruit, and will do anything they can to sell their school to teachers.

So, what makes your school a good place of work? Identify your unique selling point and break it down into professional development opportunities, well-being of staff, financial benefits and facilities so it’s clear that you offer the whole package. Talk to your staff, pupils and parents and ask them what makes your school unique, you’ll be surprised what they pick up on.

Keep it snappy!

On one hand there is a job advertisement and on the other a job description. They should never become one. Ever.

Some details will overlap from one to the other, that’s inevitable, but they should be two different documents. Your advert copy is the appetizer of the meal, that will ready the palate for the job description which should lead the candidate to your website to apply.

Bon appetite!

One size does not fit all!

It’s easy to rely on one advert copy for all adverts, but candidates do not want to read the same copy over and over again. They want to feel as if the position they are applying for is a unique and special position, not just another role to fill.

Don’t rely on one copy for every advert, especially if they will appear side by side in a publication or on your website.

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Personally address the candidate

Referring to candidates as ‘You’ rather than ‘The successful candidate’ is far more effective and personal. Candidates want to feel as though they are wanted and valued, so addressing them directly will not only get them to imagine themselves in the role, it will also give them a good impression of the school culture.

What do I want to achieve?

As simple as it sounds, ask yourself ‘What do I hope to achieve?’ before writing any recruitment advert.

The whole purpose of writing a recruitment advert is to get the reader to take action and click apply.

Make your application process as clear and as streamlined as possible, the last thing applicants want to do is fill out a lengthy application form, and not find an email address to send it to. Include a sentence in your advert that states exactly how to apply to avoid any confusion, along with a phone number to call if a candidate has any queries.

By using our 5 copywriting necessities you will save yourself valuable time and also capture the attention of high-quality teachers.

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