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A highly academic school, Wellington College pride themselves on their broad curriculum, the excellence of their teaching staff and the focus on equipping pupils with the skills to become life-long independent learners.


With opportunities for talented senior teaching staff to develop and broaden their leadership and management skills, the College wanted to communicate their unique offer when looking to attract a Deputy Head. This rare opportunity would enable the successful candidate to play their part in setting the strategic direction of the school. However, the benefits of the post can not always be communicated in a job listing alone. With this in mind, we developed a digital candidate pack that would both showcase the College and their unique employer offer, putting them in a good position to attract the very best candidates. Pages include a brief history of the College, the person specification, leadership structure and the excellent employment package on offer.


Prospective Senior Teachers could also apply via the digital link in the document, to streamline the application process even further.



3 Park House, Park Street

Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1SL



01628 773930

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