There are so many wonderful stories to be told about your school and we think Instagram is the perfect place to tell them. But before you get snap happy, you need to think about making sure your efforts are effective. So, what do you need to do? Follow our simple tips for Instagram for school, and you’ll be onto a winner.


Having a plan in place that tells you what and when to post will save you so much valuable time. Plus, there’s no point in posting a random photo just because it looks good, there needs to be a reason behind it.

I’d also recommend using a scheduling tool – we use Hootsuite ourselves and love it!

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If you want to be noticed on Instagram, you’ll need eye-catching photos, and that means being creative with your snaps.

A school that is really smashing Instagram is Millfield School, they’re currently ranked number 1 on Edurank for their fantastic use of the platform.

Don’t forget to use your school’s USPs to your advantage too. If you have impressive sports facilities, promote them. If your school has a state-of-the-art IT hub, take some shots of it.  


Now you’re feeling inspired, don’t forget to add that touch of personality that everyone is drawn to. In a world of online gloss and over-use of filters, authenticity is key for 2020. 

Don’t post the same caption to every post – ask for quotes from staff, students and parents.

Also, let’s not forget to keep things fresh. That is unless you’re taking part in throwback Thursday.


Hashtags are a great tool and allow your posts to be seen by a wider audience. A post with at least 1 hashtag averages over 12% more engagement than posts without. So for 2020, we’d suggest creating a list of relevant hashtags. 

You could also create a bespoke hashtag, for example, Handcross Park School use #TalesOfHXP on all their posts.


Social media was created to engage with others. So, there’s no point having an Instagram account, or any other social media account for that matter if you’re not interacting with your followers.

Start a conversation by creating longer captions that pose questions and make sure you’re replying to all messages and comments.

It’s also a good idea to scroll down your feed to like and comment on some posts, this will increase your engagement and help you out when it comes to that dreaded algorithm.

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To make sure you’re growing your audience using Instagram marketing for schools, you need to be posting regularly or at least consistently. Once a day or twice a day, just make sure it’s consistent.

On the other hand, if you’re posting too often it will negatively affect your engagement. 


We all love Instagram stories, both professionally and in our personal lives, it’s such an excellent feature for sharing ‘here and now’ content. I personally love it when schools use Instagram stories for sharing snippets from sports events.

It’s such a brilliant tool to use and experiment with as the content doesn’t have to be perfect, the whole point is that it’s in the moment.

Don’t forget you can also use it to engage with your audience via polls, questions and other features on offer.


IGTV is still fairly new for a lot of us. So how can you make the best use of it?

Firstly, your school should definitely consider using it for any videos you’re creating over that minute mark.

The IGTV series’ is another big trend to watch for 2020. You could do a ‘Meet the teacher’ series or even tours of the most impressive parts of your school.

You can also share previews of your IGTV videos onto your feed, giving it that extra boost!


This is an obvious one, but make sure you’re measuring success and keeping track of it. If your Senior Leadership Team asks, you want to show them that what you’re doing is worthwhile and you’re not just taking photos for fun.

There we have it, a simple way to boost your school’s presence on Instagram. Implement our tips and you’ll reap the rewards. But don’t forget, this isn’t an overnight solution, it will take time.

We’ve also got some helpful Instagram advertising for schools templates for you to download and use straight away.

That’s it from us today but keep an eye out for more of our helpful videos, coming soon!

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