Selling to schools is no easy feat and getting them engaged in the first place is even harder. So, you need to ensure your social media platforms are providing engaging and helpful content.

Plus, to beat the algorithm, you need to be posting regularly and consistently.

To get you started we’ve come up with some really easy to implement content ideas!

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Idea #1

Video content is so popular at the moment. And one of the best ways to get started with this is doing some really short and snappy videos around your office or out and about. 30 seconds of a client meeting (music covering the chatting, obviously) or even a staff member celebrating after hitting a target.

Idea #2

If your business has a blog, you can share your blog posts on social media. And it doesn’t just have to be the new blogs, share older blogs that have been really successful in the past.

Idea #3

News related to your industry or clients in general. You could either share a post from another source or create a post of your own. If something exciting has happened in the EdTech industry, shout about it.

Idea #4

Ask a question, run a poll and get people talking, After all, it’s all about engagement on social media.

Idea #5

Event photos are a winner – if you’re at a conference, post a photo of your stand and the freebies you have on offer.

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Idea #6

Your staff are the best resource when it comes to social media content. Speak to the sales and field teams to find out if any of them are heading to any exciting meetings or even if anything is happening in the office that’s worth shouting about.

Idea #7

Create some staff profiles. Meet the… posts are always successful. Your audience will love seeing some personality across your social media.

Idea #8

Get some video or written testimonials from schools you’ve worked with. This will give your product authority as well as being a great piece of content.

Idea #9

If you have a host of case studies, share these. If you don’t, create some for the business – those with glowing testimonials work best.

Idea #10

Celebrate your clients or prospective client’s success. It’s a simple as popping a congratulatory post up if they win an award.

So, there we have it, 10 great ideas to get you started. And, don’t forget they can be used time and time again – you can post videos every week, do a weekly poll and so on…

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