Recruitment marketing best practice workshop

As a trusted household name with a rich heritage and strong values,

Saga are keen to ensure that their recruitment proposition is consistently strong and they are reaching the best and brightest talent.

We partnered with the Recruitment team to deliver a recruitment marketing best practice workshop to all key HR and Operations teams. Our workshop covered a number of areas including volume recruitment, how to attract a local workforce, current trends and the importance of social media to build brand awareness.

As a result of the workshop, we have since collaborated with several key business areas who we’ve not previously worked with to support their recruitment activity.

"Ambleglow held an on-site workshop for our internal recruitment team and helped us to focus on the importance

of our advertising methods. They shared the latest thinking

in Recruitment advertising and really helped to changed

our perspectives and our outlook on our attraction strategy.

A great session !"


Simon Smith

Head of Recruitment

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